• "I think stylistically an Ilana, probably more like - nerdiness wise - an Abbi. She’s like, “I have a cashew stir fry and I’m gonna sit with that all night.” I was like, “yep, that’s me.”"
    – Tatiana Maslany, on if she’s more of an Ilana or an Abby (x)

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    my eating habits are so terrible in the summer its like one day i’ll eat an apple and nothing else and the next i will eat a whole pizza and a cake 

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    alex turner u can dress as snazzy as u want act as cool as u want and wear as many chains as u want but i have the submarine soundtrack and i know ur just a big ol sappy sack of mushy feelings and cuddles u dont fool me sunglass man

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On Season 2’s fan-favorite “holy Tilda Swinton” line: “I wish so badly I could tell you that was ad-libbed. That came out of the brilliant mind of Karen Walton. She was the one who wrote the episode. That was a writer’s line. I wish I could lay claim to that because it’s so great.”
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